Our Story

       Time Out My Way started as a passion project by Kim L. A proud mother to three beautiful children, a wife and family CEO, who devoted 25 years of her life to care for her family as a stay at home mom. When her youngest child left to college, she struggled to find her passion in life. After years of putting everyone’s needs before her own, she embarked on her own journey of personal wellness. What followed was a path of self discovery and the realization that self care is not selfish.

     Through her journey she discovered the wonderful and therapeutic benefits of spa treatments and CBD. Which inspired her to curate a collection of CBD infused spa wellness boxes to help share the experiences that helped her regain her sense of self again. Time Out My Way inspirits the belief that the most important relationship we have in life is the relationship we have with ourselves and we encourage everyone to take time out to nurture their inner self and personal well being. When we’re well with ourselves, we’re better able to seize the most of everyday and be more conscious of the little things that make life beautiful.

The Mission

To inspire others to take time out for themselves to nurture their own personal wellness.

     We are capable of achieving so many amazing things in this lifetime. We can tackle challenges, persevere, overcome and constantly evolve into a better version of ourselves with each day that passes. Sometimes we get swept up by the current of life and focus so much on what’s ahead that we forget about the present. More importantly, we forget about our own well being at times and mistake perseverance for neglect.

We are advocates for self awareness in putting yourself and your own well being first. Whether it’s a short break to de-stress or a more dedicated time to unwind and decompress. It is important to treat your inner self with the same level of consciousness you give to the responsibilities in your life.

With every box we curate, we want to offer some of the products that help nurture your own personal wellness. Whether it’s for yourself, a friend or loved one we hope our message resonates and inspires more people to take time out for themselves. Life is a long journey and we all deserve to enjoy life to the fullest.